Hyperlocal Technology Cooperative Collective


Cooperative Membership

DMV.DEV is a Technology Cooperative Collective.

We are all Members that choose to cooperate willingly through habituation of basic computing hygiene, safety, and security that is standardized pedagogically to ensure access for anyone, not everyone.

Our Cooperatives fulfill the duties necessary to bring the Collective into fruition as fair, safe, and stable basic technology services that we all habitually use, depend on for infrastructure, and defend through reverence as Members.

Our Collective encourages all Members to participate, contribute, and to fill the roles at all levels of the Cooperatives through our empathetic reciprocity as cooperative compliance, because we are all part of this together.

Each and every Member agrees to the same social contract that governs the ethics, norms, and obligations to the Collectives, the Cooperatives, to each other as Members, and to the world around us.

The core collective objective for DMV.DEV is a moral, stable, and fair digital ecosystem as the source for the technologies that we all need in order to self actualize, while adapting to this modern predatory computing world.


We're not just in the DMV. We're of the DMV...
So we're proud to offer our members exclusive access to email addresses
@DC.email • @MD.email • @VA.email • @DMV.email


Whether native or adopted, our DC Team keeps the righteous discourse towards self representative governance flowing with those rebel @DC.email addresses that the tyrants can't get. Because progress is only made with safe, secure, and stable communications.


Whether they're Metro or MTA or staying stuck on the Beltway, the Maryland Team knows how to keep their digital correspondence in check with those @MD.email boxes. Because only bamas lunchin' don't have safe, secure, and stable email.


From Virginia Beach to Alexandria, our Virginia Team keeps the digital correspondence flowing with their pings @VA.email. What's not to love about safe, secure, and stable email services.